Since 2001, Sports Media Booking, has connected companies and their brands to sports fans through sports and mainstream media.

Our expertise focuses on direct media booking of sports and entertainment talent promoting a company, brand, or event via sports talk radio, national sports television networks, regional sports networks, national morning and late night television shows, national talk shows, and national news.

If you have a company, brand, or event that you want to get in front of the sports fan, we can help.

Media placement and booking: We have relationships with more than 500 sports media and mainstream media outlets that we directly contact on behalf of your company, brand, or event to secure media placement.

Media booking strategy: Which media outlets to target and why.

Story and pitch angles: We conceptualize story and pitch ideas that will get media pick-up.

Media Recaps: Post-campaign recaps include tracking of placements and air checks of broadcast placements.

Media Training: Communicate directly with company and talent/spokesperson on how to deliver the proper message.

Talent: Recommendations and introductions to sports and entertainment talent/spokespersons.

New Media: Strategies and implementation through forums, blogs, and viral marketing.

SMB’s Mottos: